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Diamond James – Riding my bike

Diamond James had a great surprise the other day when she saw this smoking hot guy moving next to her house. Of course she went downstairs and offered to help him carry all of his stuff. After they finished he told her that she deserved a reward so he asked her out the next night. After she got all sexy and slutty she found out that he couldn’t make it that night. So the next day he came with a coffee at her place and explained her what really happened.

That didn’t interest Diamond because she still wanted her date. He didn’t know how to please her, so he offered to take her to a ride with his bike. After they finished their lap, Diamond thought to tease him and show him what he’s missing. So she took of her cloths and started revealing her amazing curves, her big natural tits, wearing nothing but a smile on her face. So DiamondJames showed off her big tits and of course her pussy as well. When she saw him getting hornier and hornier she started finger fucking her pussy as well. We’ll be back next time with more hot scene with our slutty porn star until then enjoy!


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