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Diamond James video – Double headed dildo fun

In this insane Diamond James video we have more gal on gal action for you guys. These naughty babes were pissed off because of their boyfriends. They got stood up the other night on their anniversary so they went home extremely mad. After they finished a few bottles of wine they got all horny ready for action. So it didn’t take them too long to get in her bedroom and started fooling around.

So when they got in the bedroom they started undressing each other and making out passionately. Diamond started massaging her friend’s huge tits, squeezing them. Then she brought her huge dildo and started fucking each other. They just couldn’t get enough of it and couldn’t wait to get their holes stretched to the limits. After they both got to ride the monster tool, they decided to give it another ride together this time. So don’t miss out these naughty babes getting their holes roughly stretched. Check out diamondjames.com to see more updates, exclusive videos and pictures, with your favorite porn star! And if you like watching naughty porsstars in action go to http://victoriagivens.org/ and see what she can offer, you won’t regret it!

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Diamond James – Glass dildo fun

Diamond James just can’t get enough of her glass dildo. She just can’t wait to play with her dildo one more time and the other day she had that chance. Diamond thru a party last week with all of her friends and things went quite well for her, I might add. When it was all over a friend of hers offered to help her out with the cleaning. Diamond was more than happy with her company and thought to try her luck with her. So after they finished with the cleaning she opened a bottle of wine and made sure she got her friend all dizzy.

Diamond offered her bed so she could sleep because she wasn’t capable to drive. But when Diamond left her in the bed she pulled her over her in bed and started kissing her passionately. After they undressed each other they started playing with her favorite dildo. They started taking turns on stretching their pussies with the monster dildo. Don’t miss this DiamondJames showing off her skills in bed and we’ll see you next time with more updates. Until then check out the lesbianfactor site and see other beautiful babes in amazing lesbian sex videos and pics!


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Diamond James fucking naughty Allie

Diamond James is here with her latest lesbian gallery this time she brought her good old friend Allie in the scene. They both went shopping the other day and bought lots of cool stuff but one item was their favorite piece. They bought a new dildo to their collection, this one was a a fat one all made of glass. So the moment they saw it they didn’t need to think about it twice and brought it instantly. So they couldn’t wait to get home to try it out. So the first thing they did when they got home was to try out their new toys.

DiamondJames was the one that got to play with it first. She started undressing her friend and massaging her impressive knockers while slowly slipping her finger in her juicy pussy. Then she grabbed her huge dildo and started stuffing her friend’s pussy. She just couldn’t get enough of that fat dildo in her pussy stretching it to the limits. Then it was Diamond’s turn to get pleased and she sure did. So don’t miss out the rest of the pics to see how the scene ended. Also you might visit the http://lesbiancouples.org/ site and see some hot babes licking and fingering one another’s pussy!


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DiamondJames – Solo masturbation

Diamond James is back with her latest gallery for you guys. This time she brought you a solo scene with her. Just like gorgeous Gigi Rivera, another hot internet model, she adores to masturbate in front of the camera and she was so upset the other day, because one of her friends set her up with this guy. That wasn’t the problem, the real problem was that it was a blind date and she got stood up. After waiting for a while she felt so embarrassed because all the people in the restaurant started staring at her. So she called her friend and complained about her misfortune and blamed her for her horrible night.

Diamond went home angry and extremely horny so she had to take care of her problem all by herself.  She started undressing and revealing her impressive knockers and her fine ass. Then she grabbed her monster dildo and just couldn’t wait to get her pussy stuffed. So it didn’t took her too long to get completely naked and get that huge dildo stuffed in her juicy pussy stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss out the latest DiamondJames update and check out how this hot scene ended. We’ll be back next week with more updates for you guys so stay tuned!

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Horny Angels in white lingerie

Diamond James was invited a few days ago to shoot for a well known lingerie brand. She was to travel to an exotic island for this shooting everything assured by the company of course. She got to stay at this expensive hotel, next to the beach and had a room with a view over the ocean. So they next day early in the morning she went to fitting and tried out all of the lingerie she had to wear and meet her co worker as well.

She had to shoot with this smoking hot brunette with an hot body, delicious curves, huge tits and kind of slutty from what Diamond could tell. She’s looking just like the babes from the moms teaching teens website! So she respected her end of the deal and posed for their summer calendar next to her newest crush. After they finished all they stayed an extra day to enjoy the great place. But that night after they finished their shooting,the gals meet downstairs at the hotel bar and tried to know each other better. But after a few drinks they ended up in DiamondJames’ hotel room all horny undressing each other. So it didn’t took them to long to start licking and finger fucking their pussies. Enjoy it! Bye Bye


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Diamond James – Hungry for a hot pussy

Diamond James sure enjoyed her previous gal on gal scenes so she thought to try out another one. This time with a complete stranger. She went out the other day in a club with her friends to celebrate an anniversary. Of course she got completely wasted and saw this hot babe at the bar checking her out. Although the club was full of hot hunks she couldn’t take her eyes away from her. Diamond sent her a drink to see if she really was interested and instead she received a note with an address on it. When she turned to see the hottie that sent it, she wasn’t at the bar anymore.

She looked for her everywhere and after she was completely sure she left the club she grabbed the first cab and went to the address she received. She stopped in front of a mansion, paid the cab and went to the front door. After ringing the bell she waited a few minutes and when the door opened there she was, completely naked waiting for her. So they went straight to the bed room and on the way she started undressing Diamond. By the time they got in the bedroom they were completely naked and ready for some action. Before you know it they were licking each other’s pussy and finger fucking them. So don’t miss out this hot DiamondJames update! Bye bye. Looking for more? If you do, you might visit the http://amialesbian.org/ blog and see other lesbian beauties fucking like crazy!


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Janessa fucking me hard

Two horny chicks with a monster dildo and Diamond James is one of them, what could you ask for more? These lesbian fuck buddies are ready to make you cum in just a few minutes! Diamond was sad the other day because her sugar daddy found out of one of her one night stands and decided to end it with her. So she went to her good old friend to complain about her bad luck. Because she deserved the break up but she didn’t expect her sugar daddy to find out and cut off all of her credit cards. The credit cards were the hardest part to endure. So she went to her friend’s place with a bottle of vodka ready to get all off of her chest.

After they drank the entire bottle they got wasted and extremely horny. So Diamond’s friend brought her favorite dildo to take care of all of their problems. So before you know it she was all over Diamond, kissing and undressing her. Then Diamond bent over and got her monster tool shoved in her eager pussy stretching it to the limits. DiamondJames just couldn’t wait to get properly fucked so don’t miss out the entire gallery too see what the gals did next. Enjoy it!


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Diamond James – Riding my bike

Diamond James had a great surprise the other day when she saw this smoking hot guy moving next to her house. Of course she went downstairs and offered to help him carry all of his stuff. After they finished he told her that she deserved a reward so he asked her out the next night. After she got all sexy and slutty she found out that he couldn’t make it that night. So the next day he came with a coffee at her place and explained her what really happened.

That didn’t interest Diamond because she still wanted her date. He didn’t know how to please her, so he offered to take her to a ride with his bike. After they finished their lap, Diamond thought to tease him and show him what he’s missing. So she took of her cloths and started revealing her amazing curves, her big natural tits, wearing nothing but a smile on her face. So DiamondJames showed off her big tits and of course her pussy as well. When she saw him getting hornier and hornier she started finger fucking her pussy as well. We’ll be back next time with more hot scene with our slutty porn star until then enjoy!


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DiamondJames – Licking a hot pussy

DiamondJames is back and she brought a friend with her. She had her high school meeting a few days ago and got to talk with all of her colleagues. She didn’t felt quite well when she found out that all of them were married with children and stuff. But her rescue boat was here, her trouble making partner from high school that had the same lifestyle as hers. Diamond ended up talking with her the entire night, laughing about all those crazy shit they went thru together during those four years. When it was all over, they settle a weekend away with their classmates.

Diamond got in the same room with her smoking hot friend and of course nothing good got out of it. So before you know it the two of them started kissing each other and fooling around all over the room. Diamond was the one that started undressing her and massaging her juggs while licking her juicy pussy and then slipping her fingers in her pussy as well. But that was only the beginning of it all. So don’t miss the entire gallery and we’ll see you next time with more. Enjoy it and don’t forget to visit gabbyquinteros.org blog if you are looking for similar videos and picture galleries.


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Diamond James – Boob play

Don’t miss Diamond James’ latest update with another hot scene ready to be shared with you lucky guys. The busty babe was feeling so lonely the other day after her sugar daddy left her alone for the entire weekend. Diamond went shopping meet with some friends but when she got home she was still alone so she make her sugar daddy a special present. She was so nice with her the last few months, taking her to visit all these new places and buying her all those clothes that he deserved something instead.

She grabbed the camera and started posing and trying out all of the clothes she bought. But she got bored and started showing some skin. She put the camera on the table and started taking off her clothes revealing her delicious curves. First her huge tits that she gently massaged and squeezed and continued with her juicy pussy. She just couldn’t help herself and ended up finger-fucking herself. So you don’t want to miss out this hot gallery with our gorgeous porn star in action. Check out diamondjames.com for more updates!


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